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The OLIO EXTRA-VERGINE VILLANOVIANA is obtained by harvesting olives directly from the tree and at the right ripeness. Olive trees are of frantoio and moraiolo cultivars, and are grown with care and respect towards the soil’s nature. The mild climate, the modern harvest and extraction techniques that allow for smaller waiting times and mechanical malaxation guarantee a fresh and fragrant oil, with the typical taste and scent of freshly pressed olives. After it has been pressed, the OLIO EXTRA-VERGINE VILLANOVIANA is bottled, packaged and stored in a climatized environment. All processing, from pressing to bottling, happens under the direction of our qualified personnel, guaranteeing a proper production process and achieving true Tuscan extra-virgin oil, certified as per UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

olio extravergine olio extravergine

olio extravergine

aceto balsamico


We are Tuscan by choice but with roots in Emilia Romagna, we have always appreciated our homeland’s traditions and so it’s in order to transmit the ancient knowledge and flavours of Modena, our city, that we offer you the ACETO BALSAMICO DI MODENA IGP VILLANOVIANA, the seasoning know worldwide for its unmistakable, unique aroma, obtained from grape must supplemented with vinegar aged at least 10 years and wine vinegar. The ACETO BALSAMICO DI MODENA IGP VILLANOVIANA is produced through slow surface acidification or slow acidification with wood chippings, using selected bacterial colonies, followed by refining. Acidification and refining take place in valuable wood containers, such as oak, durmast, chestnut, mulberry, juniper, aged in their original area between Modena and Reggio Emilia and manufactured in wineries.