VILLANOVIANA EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is produced by picking olives directly from olive trees and with the right degree of ripening. Frantoio and Moraiolo are the most important cultivars planted in our farm. We tend our olive groves with great care respecful of its sorrounding environment. A mild and favourable climate is key as well as modern harvesting ways and pressing techniques we have adopted here to ensure shorter waiting times. Furthermore, the paste obtained by mechanical grinding and extraction process of perfectly ripened olives guarantees the freshness and fragrance of an oil with the typical flavours and aromas of freshly squeezed olive. Once the process is finished, VILLANOVIANA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is being bottled, packaged and stored in fully air conditioned rooms. All processing phases, from grinding to bottling, are carried out under the direct control of our skilled staff who supervise the production process and make sure it is performed correctly in order to produce the true Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil.